The designers Julie Boucher and Louis Desrosiers, Vice President and President of Urbann.


Urbann Products is a Canadian manufacturer that designs and offers modern and timeless products for business, institutions and customers.

Our products, with streamlined shapes that express both elegance and functionality, redefine the notion of a work environment and living space in a pragmatic and creative manner. To our designers, a beautiful object with an atemporal design is an atmosphere enhancer that should be in perfect harmony with people and their environment. “We want to offer an improved design experience for Global Citizen.”

Our offices are located in Victoriaville, Canada with warehouses in Victoriaville and Toronto from where we deserve our global markets.


Urbann creates unique, contemporary products that express its dedication to the pursuit of style, simplicity and environmental responsability. Our vision is to provide supreme quality items that re-define elegance, timelessness and discrete luxury, while celebrating pure form and functionality. We strive for innovation and excellence through cutting-edge ideas, top-tier standards and designs with international flare and distinction.


We created the name "Urbann" to translate the noble urbanity of the global village. A village bound by universal qualities. A place to share without borders. Our products fall into this sphere uniting western societies which share the same rules of aesthetics, efficiency and the same dreams. This urbanity is above political structures. It is a transculture.

All alone, the second "n" added to the end of the word represents the contribution,
the soul that we believe brings our creations apart. This is the new world, the new space, the new experience that Urbann brings. Each creation is an anchor that binds us to this new universe, a window on another life, a way to implement it and live there.