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Is Your Podium Ruining Your Efforts?

Urbann's co-founder Louis Desrosiers shares its views for church leaders in a recent editorial published in the December issue of Religious Product News, based in the US.

Sharing the knowledge

"I was a bit surprised when they approached us at first. Then I thought that this was an occasion to gather all the knowledge we accumulated over the years when designing lecterns and podiums. Having a chance to share this knowledge and advices was something very close to my heart. I realized that this was exactly the kind of customer service we aim to bring to our customers. So I jumped right into it".

"The podium is the vase, The speaker is the bouquet, The words are the flowers."

You can read the full article here: Is Your Podium Ruining Your Efforts?

K2 Mahogany Lectern - Church Version

About Religious Product News

Religious Product News provides the latest information and resources about products, furnishings, building supplies, technology, media and more for today’s growing churches. Developed with a non-denominational view, this monthly publication introduces church leaders and pastors to new products that are helping churches grow in membership, energize their worship experiences, and initiate new Christian ministries.

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