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Conference Centers

Sturdy and Most Customizable Lecterns and Podiums for Conference Centers

Urbann K2 lectern detail K2D.jpg

Sturdy construction and easy maintenance

Strong aluminum plate construction

Sturdy construction and materials, replaceable parts making maintenance and repair a breeze.


The Simplest and Most Powerful Customization System

The simplest and most powerful customization system putting an end to any technical issues and letting you adapt the lectern anytime even between events. An unrivaled feature. From microphone connectors to HDMI connectors, we have a complete family.

Roll it away

Most models have a version with wheels

Our exclusive tilt-back system will let you move your lectern to the side or store it away even between two speakers!

Simple branding management

Every model can honor your brand and support your events

We have designed every lectern with a specific location for your logo. We know it's important, be it an event signature, your trademark, or your organization logo. Most models support a supplementary logo plate letting you switch from different logos in a snap.

Award-winning modern design

Helping your speakers stand out

A lectern is at the center of any event. You need to have one that stands out. Urbann is the only award-winning firm to design and manufacture lecterns.

Urbann K3 lectern front woman large.jpg

Efficiency and Great comfort

Fits man and woman, small and tall

The speakers will enjoy the comfort of well-designed lecterns, feel in control and deliver their best performance with more efficiency.

Planet-friendly events

Choosing the right lectern can help you help the planet

We use recyclable or renewable materials and our products are carbon neutral. We have planted trees to offset the carbon footprint and to renew the resources for the wood used in the product. All included with every product.

Interior shelf

Put away your notes or have a bottle of water at hand

Most models of Urbann's lecterns feature a concealed interior shelf.

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