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SAF+R Anti-Microbial Lecterns
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World-First: Anti-Microbial Lecterns

Urbann is the first and only manufacturer in the world to offer an anti-microbial lectern. We developed a new finish for the lectern's top plate that would rapidly kill 90% of bacterias and micro-organisms and deactivate viruses (and more of 99% after a few hours). You can now offer a safer environment with an Urbann's lectern featuring our SAF+R anti-microbial finish.


All our actual models will feature a version with an anti-microbial finish without changes in their actual color offerings.

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How does it work

Powder-coated with anti-microbial finish

The top plate of the lecterns (the area mostly in contact with the user) is powder-coated with our special SAF+R anti-microbial paint. This finish is already used in hospital furniture across America. The top plate of the lectern is the panel where you put your hands and your notes while giving your speech. 

Our SAF+R powder coating features:

  • Silver ion technology – silver has long been known for its antimicrobial, antiviral properties

  • Broad-spectrum activity against bacteria, yeasts, and mold

  • Long term activity

  • Multiple antimicrobial mechanisms

  • Retains anti-microbial properties even after repeated washings

  • Outstanding durability

  • Environmentally friendly - LEED credits

Urbann Orange Cross.jpg

The Orange Cross

Watch for the distinctive cross

Engraved on the lectern's top a distinctive and exclusive small cross identifies the anti-microbial units.

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Upgrade for actual lecterns

Turn your lectern to a SAF+R anti-microbial unit

If you already have a lectern from us, you are not left alone. Thanks to our modular design approach, a SAF+R upgrade package permits actual users of our lecterns to upgrade their lectern and replace the top panel with an anti-microbial SAF+R panel.

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