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Online stores


Canadian online retailer, the leading online retailer of commercial-grade office furniture, serving small and large Canadian businesses alike.

Lectern Store by Urbann

Corporate store owned and operated by Urbann

Lutrin Shop par Urbann

Corporate store owned and operated by Urbann (in French)

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United States

Online stores

Lecterns and Podiums

US online retailer. This eco-friendly company was founded in 2004 and was the first online retailer on the internet dedicated to selling lecterns and podiums.

Podiums Direct

US online retailer. A great choice for sound & non sound lecterns, podiums and pulpits.

The Podium Store

US online retailer.

Thrive Podiums

US online retailer. A wide variety of podiums for any budget.

Lectern Store US

Corporate online store owned and operated by Urbann serving the US market

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Cime Business Environments

​Canadian contract furniture dealer, a leader in office furniture solutions in the Quebec market. Cime differentiates itself with complete services in office furniture and business environments. Located in Montreal, Canada

Consulis Office Environments

​Canadian contract furniture dealer, a leader in the field of office furniture in Quebec. Located in Quebec City, Canada

Kloda Focus

Canadian dealer, full-service entertainment agency, provide entertainment for corporate events, festivals, church groups, private parties, schools, and universities. Located in Montreal, Canada


Canadian dealer, av specialists for touring and live shows, restaurants, hotels, clubs, casinos, stadiums, arenas, festivals. Located in Montreal, Canada

TLD Computers

​Canadian dealer offers a comprehensive range of IT solutions and services. Located in Richmond, BC, Canada

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US office furniture dealer in San Francisco with over 25 years experience, featuring Herman Miller products and many more trusted brands


US contract furniture dealer that understands the challenge, delivers the solution

Office Resources

US contract furniture dealer, leading Knoll Dealer focused on delivering creative, highly functional and productive workspaces

Moonlight Solutions

US IT services provider. National enterprises to small company brands trust their technology solutions.

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Europe, Asia and Africa

Online stores

Lectern Store US

Corporate online store owned and operated by Urbann shipping throughout the world with DHL Express. Stated in US dollars.

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Online Retailers

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