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Fully customize your lectern, anytime

Easily customize your new modern lectern by getting one or more modules. This could be anything from a microphone connector to a power outlet and they all easily install directly on the top shelf. Each of them will add great functionalities to your lectern.


How does it work

The Simplest and Most User-Friendly Customization  System

Our simple and user-friendly customization system gives you complete control: we have prepared the lectern's top shelf with up to 4 slots that can accept any module + a central location for a reading lamp. You decide what you want to install and where you install it: on the right, on the left, one on each side, whatever configuration you desire!


We have made this super simple and easy. You will receive the lectern's boxes and a separate box for any optional install-yourself modules. Installation of any module is a snap - 2 or 4 small screws and that's it! No technical skills required, no drilling, no welding.

En riant

A welcomed relief

No technical headaches, customize anytime

Our super-user-friendly-install-yourself family of modules simplifies everything. You don't need to make any final decision on what you will do with your lectern (like, 1 or 2 microphones?) before actually getting it. It also means that if your needs change over time you can easily get the modules to personalize your lectern later. Isn't it great? No technical headaches on your actual needs and no guessing on what your needs might be in 6-12 months! You will always be able to configure the lectern.


No obligations

Don't need any customization? You are still covered

The lecterns are shipped with a set of blank plates that neatly covers the slots. So, if you don't use one or any of them, your lectern still looks sharp and nice.

Check the lectern's description to see how many modules it can accept (please note that the Y5 lectern can not accept install-yourself modules). 

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