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Thinking recycling now

Recyclable aluminum

Our products are made of aluminum, a recyclable material produced regionally

Doing our part, together

Flat shipping

Delivered flat in smaller boxes, our products are ready for assembly. By taking care of the assembly yourself, you allow us to ship more boxes at once in each truck and to minimize overall warehouse needs.

Offsetting the carbon

We plant trees to offset carbon

You do not contribute to global warming because all our products are carbon-neutral, a feature nevertheless still rare today.

Reforesting the planet

Replanting for you

You renew our forests as we take charge of replanting the wood used on our lecterns on your behalf.

Urbann Y7 3D printed connector.jpg

Vegetal plastics of the future

We use biodegradable plastic and 3D printing

Innovating with 3D printing is at the core of the new 2019 version of the popular collapsible Y7 lectern. We are using PLA plastic which is a biodegradable plastic made out of starch. With 3D printing, you produce only the quantity you need, as you need it, no more. 

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