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Family of modules for lecterns

Easily customize your lectern by getting one or more optional modules. Our family of modules gives extra features to your lecterns. They are part of Urbann's unique modular plugins system for simple and flexible add-ons management.

A simple add-ons system

Our modular design means more flexibility

Our line of lecterns is designed with flexibility in mind.
Add any optional modules to expand their functionality.
The lecterns are shop-ready to receive them.
No need to drill or cut anything.

Up to 4 add-ons at any one time

Shop-ready to accept the addons

Set free of any technical decisions as you can add or remove modules anytime to configure your lectern to your ever-changing needs. 

4 modules + 1 reading lamp: Lecterns K1, K2s, K3, K6, K8, K9, Y1, Y55

2 modules: Lecterns Y7

Modern Architecture

Open the door to thousands of different configurations for your lectern

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