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Urbann Y55 T3 side
Urbann Y55 T3 front
Urbann Y55 T3 front woman
Urbann Y55 rear
Urbann lectern Y55 top plate options eng
Urbann Y55 lectern new top plate options
Urbann Y55 T2 clear wood
Urbann Y55 T1 Mahogany
Urbann Y55 T4 unfinished wood
Urbann Y55 T1 wheels Mahogany
Urbann Y55 T2 wheels natural
Urbann Y55 T3 wheels side
Urbann Y55 T4 wheels side
Y55 Lectern

Modernize your presentation space with the elegant Y55 Lectern. The podium stand has a slim design that highlights the speaker and creates a sense of authority. A natural or stained wood panel at the front adds a touch of warmth to the design, while the aluminum base and top provide impressive strength and stability. The portable lectern has an interior shelf that makes it easy to keep a pointer or drink on hand during your speech.


Pencil stopper, interior shelf, four (4) module locations. Self-standing, no anchors required. Aluminum construction, powder-coated light aluminum metallic color, stainless steel bolts. Includes the removable front logo panel. Pictures may show the optional LED reading lamp. Ready to assemble.


610 mm X 510 mm X 1143 mm (24" X 20" X 45")



Y55T3-V22 ​(Whiskey color wood panel)

Y55T2-V22 (Natural wood panel)

Y55T1-V22 (Mahogany color wood panel)

Y55T4-V22 (Unfinished wood panel)

Y55T3W-V22 ​(Whiskey color wood panel - with wheels)

Y55T2W-V22 (Natural wood panel - with wheels)

Y55T1W-V22 (Mahogany color wood panel - with wheels)

Y55T4W-V22 (Unfinished wood panel - with wheels)

Anti-microbial versions:

Y55T3S-V22 ​(Whiskey color wood panel)
Y55T2S-V22 (Natural wood panel)
Y55T1S-V22 (Mahogany color wood panel)
Y55T4S-V22 (Unfinished wood panel)
Y55T3SW-V22 ​(Whiskey color wood panel - with wheels)
Y55T2SW-V22 (Natural wood panel - with wheels)
Y55T1SW-V22 (Mahogany color wood panel - with wheels)
Y55T4SW-V22 (Unfinished wood panel - with wheels)


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