Urbann K2 lectern front full Mahogany
Urbann K2 lectern side full Mahogany
Urbann K2 side woman full Mahogany
Urbann K2 back full Mahogany 2018
Urbann bolt mahogany
Urbann lectern new top plate options SET 1 CO4 eng
Urbann lectern new top plate options eng
Urbann_K2MW lamp
K2 Full Mahogany Lectern

Add a modern touch to your presentations with the stylish K2 Full Mahogany Lectern Podium. This contemporary wooden podium features a rich mahogany finish and a sleek, straight build that brings a clean look to any stage or conference room. The aluminum top is spacious and versatile, as is the built-in interior shelf, giving you enough room to store all your presentation aids.


Pencil stopper, interior shelf, four (4) module locations. Self-standing, no anchors required. Aluminum construction, powder-coated light grey metallic color, stainless steel bolts. Lacquered mahogany stained fine furniture plywood. Pictures may show the optional LED reading lamp. Ready to assemble.


610 mm X 510 mm X 1143 mm (24" X 20" X 45")




K2MW-V18 (version with wheels)

K2MS-V20 (anti-microbial version)
K2MSW-V20 (anti-microbial version with wheels)