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  • Louis Desrosiers

3D printing at the heart of new Y7 lecterns!

Updated: May 18, 2020

Innovating with 3D printing is at the core of the new 2019 version of the popular collapsible Y7 lectern. We are using PLA plastic which is a biodegradable plastic made out of starch. We are pleased with the outcome. Using 3D printing means that we do not have to invest in a mold thus avoiding unnecessary costs and future waste of the mold at the end of the production process. It let us also bring to the market only the quantity needed as we avoid overstocking initial runs of hundred of units as we would when using a mold.

This technology brings a lot of flexibility in the design as well as variations of one simple design are easy to make. With 3D printing you produce only the quantity you need, as you need it, no more. This is totally exciting!

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